Los Sueños de Piedra

Crooked Fingers – Heavy Hours

"Outside your window
 Waited for you
 You didn't come
 You never do

 In the city in the winter time
 The snow and the rhyme
 Cover the isolation

 Yesterday, baby, they told you the news
 They meant no harm
 They never do
 You can take it anyway you want
 It comes and it goes
 Rising in broken waves and dreams

 Heavy hours passing by the way
 Heaven knows how I am trying, babe

 I hear you breathing
 So steady and true
 The whole night long
 The whole night through
 Your lungs soft heaving
 Slow drunken time
 Falling with mine
 Forever here

 Heavy hours dragging by the way
 Heaven knows how I am trying, baby
 Heavy hours passing by the way
 Devil knows how hard I am trying, babe..."


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